Sunday, August 8, 2010

A little more detail...

....So whenever I tell people about studying Food and nutrition they are quick to ask me/look at what I am eating. Often times people expect me to conform to one type of eating but the truth is I need flexibility in my diet. I have dabbled in the raw foods, veganism. vegetarianism, meatncheeseism (tried to lose weight by eating only meat and cheese for every meal)...and finally crazyism!! Crazyism is what happens when I try to create unrealistic boundaries for myself. I am at a point in my life where I am trying to build a healthy balanced relationship with food. I know what doesnt work for me but I feel I am constantly working on improving my meals and my understanding of nutrition.

So... What do I eat?

Primarly I stick to vegetarian choices.

I occasionally eat animal products and occasionally animals themself : (, free-running animals... : )


Generally I find it hard when I am in social situations, say my boyfriends/friends house for dinner where the host has slaved all day to create a wonderful meal and people look at me like I am a monster with 3 eyes when all I put on my plate is a pile of vegetables.


....sometimes I crave meat and I just want it. From my past I realized that creating restrictions just leads to more disappointment and guilt. Don't get me wrong I have no criticism of other peoples food beliefs every person is an individual and people should eat whatever works for them. :)