Monday, July 4, 2011

Thoughts on the home work out movement

Being a student I am always trying to save money, but one thing I hate to compromise on is physical activity. Honestly, exercise (in moderation), keeps me sane and happy, when I am inactive for prolonged periods of time I become irritable. My boyfriend and I love our gym, but not the price (75$ monthly/each). Really there is nothing special about it we just feel really comfortable there as oppose to big box gyms like Extreme fitness. The people are friendly, always familiar faces and I don't feel like I need to put on make-up and get dressed up to workout.

I don't look like this when I work out:
 I look more like this:

Source: Google images

Seriously, my face gets insanely red when I workout.

Lately a few friends of mine are hooked on BODYROCKTV. From what I understand it looks as though they post a new workout everyday and they are relatively quick (under 45 min or so?). The best part is it is FREE. However I do think you need to buy a timer and maybe some equipment?

Do you have a gym membership? use videos? Website? or just take advantage of the great outdoors? I would love to hear some opinions on the subject! do I respond to comments?

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