Sunday, July 3, 2011

Trying again!

     So I didn't get off to a great start when I attempted to start this blog a year ago, but there is no harm in trying again. I feel that I got so caught up with the first year of my programme that I had trouble balancing all other elements of my life. I am hoping that this year will go smoother as I have a better idea of how to manage my time.

The long weekend is just wrapping up and I am having trouble believing its July already. Most holiday weekends are usually spent doing one of the following:

At my parents farm outside of Toronto..

Watching sunsets...

Or at my boyfriend's  family cottage..

Swimming, boating, windsurfing, hiking and just taking in the beauty of the Kawarthas


However, unfortunately due to work schedules my weekend looked more like this:

To be honest it was not as bad as I expected, I was able to lesson plan for the coming week of work, went out for dinner one evening, we even attempted to go watch the fireworks downtown then realized it would be more work then enjoyment (too many crowds= grumpy girl) and opted for cold stone ice cream instead.

Hope you had a wonderful long weekend !!!!


  1. Definitely no harm in trying again - glad you decided to!

    I LOVE your parents house and your boyfriend's family's cabin! They're beautiful places!

    Bummer you faced a ton of rain - we had the same here today :(

  2. Unless maybe it isn't raining in that picture? Haha. I can't tell!